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working-dog on suurin koirasivusto maailmassa koiraurheilun, koiranäyttelyiden ja koiraharrastajien keskinäisessä kommunikoinnissa. Alkunsa, vuoden 2005 jälkeen working-dog:n tietokanta on kasvanut kattamaan 2.572.868 koiran tiedot ja 278.468 koiraharrastajaa. Tunnetut yritykset tukevat sponsoroimalla alustan kehityksessä, jonka käyttäjistä 100% kuuluu suoraan heidän kohderyhmäänsä. Jos sinulla on kiinnostusta esitellä itsesi working-dog:ssa, ota rohkeasti yhteyttä meihin.
Firma Dögel GmbH
Geltestraße 9
06184 Kabelsketal OT Dölbau

Puhelin: +49-34602-9991-85

Fax: +49-34602-9991-99


Belcando Innovative Rezepturen und hochwertige Zutaten machen unsere Super Premium Hundenahrung BELCANDO zur ersten Wahl für alle, die bei der Ernährung ihres Hundes keine Kompromisse eingehen. Wir produzieren in Deutschland und verwenden nur Geflügel- und Lammfleischsorten höchster Wertigkeit. Sie entlasten den Stoffwechsel Ihres Hundes und sind verbunden mit einer zusätzlichen Vitamin- und Mineralstoffergänzung. Wertvolle Wirkstoffe wie Chiasaat oder kalt gepresstes Traubenkernmehl verbessern die Vitalität Ihres Hundes und beugen Alterserscheinungen vor.

Unser Qualitätsversprechen:
• Hergestellt in Deutschland
• Garantiert von höchster Rohstoffqualität
• Beste Schmackhaftigkeit und Verträglichkeit
• Maximaler Fleischanteil, minimaler Knochenanteil

Wir verzichten aus Überzeugung auf:
• Tierversuche
• Sojaeiweiß und Weizen
• Künstliche Farb-, Geschmacks- und Konservierungsstoffe
• Genetisch veränderte Substanzen
Sporthund Our company began over 35 years ago in Bretzfeld-Geddelsbach as a specialist shop for hunting an sports protective gear. Since 2001, we have taken on dog training. In 2010 we opened our newly built warehouse. Owner and managing director Florian König leads a young, committed team whose pleasure it is to serve you personally. And that’s not all: We want to continue to inspire you with our innovative ideas in the future!
Julius-K9 The inventor of harnesses with Velcro labels was born in Hungary (1970).
Originally, he graduated from a polytechnic of architecture in Budapest

1990-1994 - member of the trainers? group of Budapest Rottweiler Club
1994-1996 - member of the trainers? group of Vienna German Shepherd Association
1996-2000 - harness maker studies at Neizer harness maker workshop
Kleinmetall With its products such as dog guards, dog transport boxes, dog ramps, boot tubs and belts, Kleinmetall GmbH is one of the leading providers of quality transport safety equipment in Europe. Established in 1972, the company was one of the first to specialise in loading security and protection for the boots of vehicles. Today, the German technical inspection agency approved company offers a wide range of vehicle models with diverse and individual solutions. Certified dog protection and separation grids, transport boxes and safety belts are just as much a part of our repertoire as tailor-made loading area linings or dog ramps with boarding aids. For 40 years, safety, quality and comfort for both passengers and animals have been at the heart of what we do. Kleinmetall GmbH is a co-supplier of the national and international automobile industries and cooperates with many branches of the animal accessory market.
Magnusson Petfood
Magnusson Petfood Since three generations, the Magnusson family has been producing oven-baked dry dog food and we are still a small, passionate family business and we still make all the dog food at home at our farm in Bro, Sweden. Each morning, fresh meat, carefully chosen eggs, berries and vegetables are all delivered to our door. We only use Swedish ingredients, preferably from local farms. The luxury of small-scale production is precisely that you can choose and discard as you please, without having to compromise when it comes to quality or sustainability. For more information see
Wolfsblut Wolfsblut steht für getreidefreie Trocken- und Nassfuttersorten mit hohem Fleisch- und Fischanteil. Der leckere Geschmack und die hervorragende Verträglichkeit, insbesondere auch bei Hunden mit Nahrungsmittelallergien werden bestimmt durch die außergewöhnliche Fleischauswahl, wie z.B. Känguru, Wasserbüffel und Rentier mit natürlichem Ursprung sowie die besonderen Inhaltsstoffe, wie z.B. Kürbis, Ringelblume und Leinsamen. Neben den notwendigen Nährstoffen, Vitaminen und Mineralien verfügen die Wolfsblut-Futtersorten auch über eine einzigartige Kombination von Heilpflanzen aus Wald und Wiesen. Denn der Ursprung der heutigen Hunderassen, der Ur-Hund selbst, hatte sich neben Fleisch und Fisch als Hauptnahrungsquelle auch von Früchten, Kräutern und Wurzeln ernährt. Die Wolfsblut-Futtersorten geben den Hunden von heute ein wenig mehr ihrer ursprünglichen Ernährungsgewohnheiten zurück und das mit einer besonders gesundheitsfördernden Zutatenauswahl. Dabei ist es selbstverständlich, dass die Wolfsblut-Futtersorten ohne Zucker, Soja, Bleichmitteln, Vitamin K 3, Geruchs-, Farb- oder Geschmacksverstärkern und künstlichen Konservierungsmitteln auskommen. Neben den vielen Futtersorten für ausgewachsene Hunde bietet Wolfsblut auch spezielle Futtersorten für Welpen, kleine Hunderassen, Senioren und Hunde mit erhöhtem Energiebedarf.
Gappay Long term aims and objectives of the company.

At Gappay we strive to work in close conjuction with you, the handler, to improve our products so that we can fulfil all your needs.

The high quality materials that we use in our products are rigorously tested in a professional manner before they become our final product.

We use high quality technologies, materials and processes in the production of all our canine products.

We know the canine world well, but only with your help have we been able to get so far in developing equipment which we believe to be „one step ahead“.

We have never stopped looking forward and we will continue to strive to fulfil your needs.

...Thats are our aims and objectives...
Köbers Köbers Quality since 1970

Since its foundation in 1970, our family-run business has been situated in the lovely Ruhr area, Bochum-Wattenscheid, to be more precise.
All our expertise is gained from over 50 years of experience in breeding, training and feeding dogs. Since 1957 our family has been breeding German Shepherds (as a hobby) under the kennel name of aus-Wattenscheid These dogs are recognised worldwide for their beauty and performance.
In many countries of the world, our food is well-known under the brand of "" and is much valued for its outstanding quality.
Special products are distributed throughout the whole of Europe and Asia, directly ex works Wattenscheid.

All our expertise is gained from over 50 years of experience in breeding, training and feeding dogs. Since 1957 our family has been breeding German Shepherds (as a hobby) under the kennel name of aus-Wattenscheid These dogs are recognised worldwide for their beauty and performance. SINB kennels for the civilized and safe dog’s home
Since 1994 we’ve been making and developing dog kennels and dog houses with the primary purpose of providing comfortable and safe home for dogs both in-house and outside. Its very important for us to be able to create the most suitable and versatile living space best suited to the wide variety owners’s dogs as well as to local conditions. Therefore, SINB dog kennel products are manufactured in modular system and with the help of the pre-manufactured kennel elements multivariant living quarters can be constructed in the required size and design. The mobil design of SINB kennels makes their disassembly, variability and upgradeability possible and if necessary they can easily be transported at anytime without any damage. The stainless surface treatment of the steel elements ensures long life and easy to clean. Our moral obligation is to provide an appropriate, civilised, safe and hygienic living space for our pets regardless of the animal protection and husbandry regulations. Purchasing an attractive kennel for our garden is however not sufficient the regular exercise and care is at least as important. Among our satisfied partners and customers there are dog breeders, dog workers, dog trainers, dog shelters, dog pansions, animal hospitals, security service companies and dog fanciers. We hope that you’ll find the best solution in our product selection providing your pet the home that they deserve.
WINNER PLUS Company Profile
WINNER Pet Food Solution was established in 2003 by Toni Testa as a company specialized in the production of professional dog and cat food "Made in Germany". In 2007 the company becomes one of the leaders in the pet food industry both in Europe and worldwide, from Tenerife to Hong Kong, with a commercial area of 27 suppliers located in more than 20 countries. In 2014, during Interzoo, world's biggest trade fair for the international pet supplies industry, WINNER PLUS presents, with great pride, its new wet feeding line for dogs and cats with Safflower oil, rich in vitamin K and Linoleic acid, which provides a healthy skin and coat, preventing heart disease with anticoagulant and antitumoral action, and the exclusive holistic line for dogs WINNER PLUS holistic, made without cereals and rich of phytotherapeutic components: medicinal herbs (marigold, fennel, chamomile, peppermint, parsley, fenugreek seed, chicory root, liquorice root, carob flour); red fruits (dog rose, raspberry, blueberry, chokeberry), with anti-aging and Anti-inflammatory effects. Today, with the new WINNER PLUS Puppy Junior holistic, the traditional WINNER PLUS holistic line gets richer with an exclusive natural dry feed studied for puppies of all breeds providing always a top meal, enhancing the now well-known range of WINNER PLUS natural feed studied for the specific needs of sporting dogs: WINNER PLUS Adult Sport, WINNER PLUS Performance and WINNER PLUS Athletic.

Also a new natural dry feed, studied for puppies of all breeds, joins the traditional WINNER PLUS holistic line, providing always a top meal: WINNER PLUS Puppy Junior holistic, rich with herbs and red fruits.

Natural • Nutrition • System
Synonymous of health, wealth and vitality, “Natural Nutrition System” is the main company philosophy on which the business bases its well stabilized success. Choosing a WINNER PLUS product means feeding according to nature.

The wide set of high professional products of complete and complementary feed are prepared with attention and passion, using raw materials, 100% natural, that follow the km 0 philosophy, selected and processed in order to obtain the highest quality, respecting the NEU-EN-ISO 9001-2008 standards. All is made without chemical colorings, flavorings and aromas.

WINNER Pet Food Solution is able to offer the latest advanced product that meets the needs of the consumer and market requirements thanks to the devoted and close cooperation between researchers and the best global breeding. A pet's health comes from its correct nutrition, for this WINNER PLUS products don't present eggs (source of allergies), GMO, soy or wheat (assimilated up to 70%). This guarantees the highest quality of a healthy, balanced, digestible and hypoallergenic product.

A healthy and perfect nutritional system for dogs and cats needs of all breed, weight and age. The high quality of raw materials are carefully processed and checked as done with human food quality, respecting GMP-PET-FOOD certification that establishes the necessary conditions to ensure the best food quality.
The production is constantly subjected to strict controls, raw materials are identified and selected according to the company standards in order to be, later on, processed in the Germany facilities GMP+-DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and HACC-SYSTEM quality system.

A winning production system where constant attention to research and development process, technological innovation, updating to market changes are able to maximize standard quality.

A responsible system. Each WINNER PLUS product is conceived respecting the environment thanks to the use of renewable energetic sources. Also the business ethics forbids any animal testing during every phase of the production, classifying the product as “Cruelty free”, one more reason for a responsible choice.
Josera Die Marke JOSERA steht für erstklassige Heimtiernahrung aus deutscher Herstellung. Das mittelständische Familienunternehmen aus dem Odenwald verfügt über mehr als 70 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich Tierernährung und bietet Super Premium Produkte von höchster Akzeptanz und Verträglichkeit. Hierbei entwickelt sich JOSERA stetig weiter und setzt nachhaltig Zeichen in den Bereichen Innovation, Verantwortung und Sicherheit.
Unsere Produkte werden nach neuesten Erkenntnissen in Zusammenarbeit mit Fachleuten aus Wissenschaft und Praxis entwickelt und umweltschonend hergestellt. Neben ausgewogenen Rezepturen zeichnet sich das Futter von JOSERA durch hochwertige, natürliche und gesunde Zutaten
aus. Der Einsatz gentechnisch veränderter Rohstoffe wird konsequent abgelehnt. Gleichzeitig verzichtet JOSERA auf den Zusatz von Weizen und Soja sowie künstlichen Farb-, Aroma- & Konservierungsstoffen. Als Träger des Gütezeichens DLG-Plus verarbeitet JOSERA größtenteils Rohwaren aus der Region oder aus Deutschland und ermöglicht damit die nachhaltige und regionale Erzeugung hochwertiger Tiernahrung auf Basis lokal verfügbarer Ressourcen.
Durch das eigene, akkreditierte Labor wird die Qualität der zu verarbeitenden Rohwaren und der Fertigprodukte bestätigt. JOSERA wurde als erstem Hersteller von Heimtiernahrung das DLG-Produktzertifikat „SEHR GUT“ verliehen, welches die hervorragende Qualität des JOSERA Hundefutters bescheinigt.