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The Hovawart hails from Germany and is believed to be descended from the Leonberger, the Hungarian Kuvasz and the Newfoundland. This was originally a working dog and was deliberately developed to follow in the footsteps of the great estate guard dogs of the Middle Ages. After becoming virtually extinct at the start of the 13th century, the breed was reconstructed by Kurt Konig in the 1920s and was officially recognised by the German Kennel Club back in 1937. Although the Hovawart is rare in the USA it is popular in Germany and other parts of Europe, where it is used as a watchdog, a rescue dog and for tracking.

Body Type

The Hovawart resembles a Golden Retriever and features a powerful head with a rounded and broad forehead. The muzzle and skull are roughly the same length, while the stop is well-defined. The Hovawart features a black nose that has well-developed nostrils, while the teeth meet either in a level or scissors bite. The breed has oval shaped eyes that are medium to dark brown, while the triangular ears are set wide apart and high on the head. The front legs are strong and straight with round, strong and compact feet, while the toes are well-arched. The coat is long-haired and dense, while it is also slightly wavy. Longer hairs can be found on the chest, back of the legs, belly and...

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